Family Business Consulting

Providing consulting services to family businesses, high net-worth families, family offices and their advisors.

Blum & Savlov is a consulting firm serving family businesses, high net-worth families, family offices and their advisors with a focus on balancing family dynamics with ownership and management of shared assets across generations.


Serving Enterprising Families

Whether through ownership of a single business or of varied and complex assets, families encounter increasingly more complicated decisions which grow the potential for family conflict and business/financial missteps as they move through generations. We work with families to understand their dynamics, effectively manage them and increase the potential and stability of both family and enterprise... Learn More »

Case Study: Risky Family Business

A father handed over a thriving real estate development business to his son without proper succession planning, development and transition period and then opened up a supply business (with the son as his only customer), and counted on this for his retirement nest egg. The son promoted high school buddies beyond their capabilities and lost control of the finances. Banks started to pull lines of credit while mismanagement resulted in lost contracts... Read More »

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